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When I began this project and had learned a little bit about a bio, I thought it to be set up much like a resume. I started changing my childcare resume to reflect credentials, experience, and everything I could think of to sell myself an a newbie author. I believed that a resume gave a clean, concise look, to potential publishers. After all, everything I’ve read has emphasized to be professional. Today I sat down to perfect it, and figured I’d look on Google for some sample author biographies–boy am I glad I did.

It turns out that it is set up much like a bio in the back of a book. Also, from the articles I read, it needs to be written in third person. Here was my favorite link (I enjoy outline styled, concise lists rather than long articles):


I only found one that stated to write it in the first person. Most of the information seemed to fit in with the rest that I’ve found, and again–short, sweet and to the point!


This one was my third favorite. It gives a couple of examples of how to make my boring life sound quite professional and interesting. Well worth the read if you need to write a bio as well:


So as I sit down this evening to begin writing my bio, I feel more equipped to tackle the task. One of the other important things I gleaned from all these articles was to have a few. This makes sense, but something that never crossed my mind. Hopefully these have helped you as much as they’ve helped me. I will probably have my writer’s group critique it on Thursday evening. They can perfect it, as well as my husband who is excellent at picking my writings apart in a very short amount of time. With help from these critiques, I should be able to submit to my next publisher. Wish me luck, and keep an eye on my bio blog page–with having to write a bio for a publisher, I am hoping to make a better one for this blog, also.

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